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I was happy but frighten leaving high school. Everybody was certain what courses they’ll be taking except me. I wanted to take architecture but my father said no since my brother was taking it. So engineering became an alternative. I… Continue Reading

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Backbiting revenge

I was in 9th grade when I had a bad experience with my science teacher. She was new, just graduated from college. She had no experience in teaching and handling a class. I liked science very much and there came… Continue Reading

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You are not alone

When my father died in 2008 and I was left as the head of the family, I felt like I am carrying the entire universe on my shoulders. With 3 students and a mom I had to feed, clothes and… Continue Reading

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Follow the yellow bumpy road

I was going to visit my friend in Germany. We decided it would make sense if I went by bus, since Germany is not very far from Latvia. When I got on the bus, the seat next to mine was… Continue Reading

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Patience Is A Virtue I Did Not Practice

Many people think that they know better but people who are young are often rude, reckless and impatient. They do not understand the words wait and patience. I never had patience in the past. I was often angry at many… Continue Reading

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It’s okay to be a chicken every so often

My friends like to remember the person that I was in my 20s – wild, carefree and a bit of a loose cannon. Now, in my 30s, and with a budding legal career, I must try to make better decisions… Continue Reading

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Facial Expert

For my sister’s wedding I went to the beauty parlor and had face polishing to get shine and glow on my face for her wedding. I observed each and every process done by the stylist. A month after me and… Continue Reading

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Hassle Rain

Last semester, I had four hours vacant time in school every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Often times I just stay in school and do home works or hang out with friends during those hours to pass time but there were… Continue Reading

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We are all different in some way although we know that we are the same. We are all unique in every way despite the fact that we are all human anyway. Similarities and differences, what does it matter? Well, to… Continue Reading

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Take responsibility for your emotions

At some point, I realized that to a large extent, we control how we react to the emotions that arise in us. I would constantly harbor thoughts of sadness about things in the world but then one day realized, “What… Continue Reading

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