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Poor Kitten

I admit I was a really bad kid. My brother has this little kitten given by his girlfriend in high school. I loved the cute kitten. I always play with it. My older sister told me not to let the … Continue Reading

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Kids are brutally honest

My three year old nephew was annoying my sister. She requested me to take care of him as she was busy preparing her project. I had already decided to buy monthly groceries that day, so I had no choice but … Continue Reading

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Trust is earned

I have been around a lot of people who have told me they’re going to do something and don’t follow through; and I’ve done that myself as well. I would ask friends to meet me to go skateboard or family … Continue Reading

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Outing to a lakeside

Six of my office friends including me planned a day out to a lakeside situated 150Kms away from workplace. Everybody in the group either had weekly offs or took leaves. But my leave was not approved. So, I had to … Continue Reading

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Peer pressure comes in all forms, mostly in the form of an idiot who doesn’t want to be caught alone for doing some thing dumb; so, he pressures you into doing it with him. Peer pressure was never something I … Continue Reading

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Sibling prank turned bad

Every one has sibling rivalry in childhood and teen age. Well I and my sister took it to a step further when we were kids. This happened ten years ago when I was ten. My sister was two years elder … Continue Reading

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Overly-Pushy Sister

I don’t want to be an over-pushy sister who would want to take direct control over my siblings’ lives. We are all unique and we cannot love the same things. Liking the same things would be boring, and that’d be, … Continue Reading

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How I blew over $300 at Starbucks

Everyone has their preferences of getting throughout the day. Some have to have a bagel right across the street from their apartment in order to start the day; others may have to have a diet coke or candy in order … Continue Reading

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Lashing Out

Have you ever said something to someone with the sole intentions of hurting them? I’m ashamed to admit that I have. In all honesty it wasn’t a one-time thing or a one person thing. However, there is one person who … Continue Reading

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Stop Being Friends with Me

Friendly, fun, bubbly – that’s what they call me. I can’t say that a lot of people love me, but I do have a lot of friends. I had a best friend as well, named Jane. I really liked her. … Continue Reading

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