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Drive with faith

Once in my life I got so excited to become rich I did everything at once and maneuvered it all without a plan, I’ve been so busy I forgot to do the small things… So in the end I’ve got nothing, none of it work-out, the result is I have is so many unheard wishes, many dreams that I did not reach, goals that I did not meet, outcome that did not happen then I got so mad, that I forgot everything that matters…
I forgot to love, to take it one step at a time, to talk to my family, to share and give. I became a couch potato for almost a year, just eating, sleeping reading, watching TV, and then repeating the cycle every day of my life with the same routine. Then after a year I saw my batch mate (guess what! She got a car) with in her own car and oh, how satisfied she looked. I became so bothered on where my life is leading me. A doubt on what would my future will look like. That night what I first did was pray and said all my worries and regrets to Him; I cried and asked for forgiveness because I know that I had lost my faith above.
And now as I grow older I realized that life is like driving. People like me drive without exact destination so what happened was I lost my way, and in order for me to get it, I had to start all over again. You can take chances, you can be hurt and you will be the one to decide if you want to drive fast or you want to take it a little slower, a smooth and happy ride or a terrible bumpy journey. You need to be nourished and nurtured. But In some cases you need to learn to drive on your own. In driving you’ll have your license to depend on. In life you will have God.

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Posted on October 11th, 2013 by bonita


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