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This happened when I was in school, in the seventh grade. My sister too was studying in the same school in the fifth grade. We often went to school together and our neighbor, Suma, who was in the sixth grade too always came with us.

Things were going on like this when one day Suma was planning on going to her hometown with her parents and brother. They were going to be absent for about a week. Her father called me and told me that Suma had to pay her fees within three days, but since they were going out of town they would not be able to do the same. So he told me to pass on Suma’s school fees to her class teacher. He gave me the fee amount, warning me to be very, very careful with it.

I felt important on being given this responsibility. As soon as I reached school I went over to Suma’s class, but found that her class teacher had not come yet. It was time for me to go to my classroom. I knew that Suma’s class teacher was teaching in my sister’s class the next hour. So I found my sister and passed on the amount to her. “Do be careful, it is not our money. Give it to Prema Ma’am as soon as she comes to your class. Do tell her it is the fees of Suma of sixth grade.” My sister nodded readily. Relieved at passing on my burden, I went back to my classroom.

Back home I asked my sister if she had paid the fees and she told that she did. However, it was when Suma returned and went to school that she found the fee had not been paid. Her father complained to my father and he called me up. I told him that I had given the amount to my sister and told her to pay. He did not believe me and I was punished severely. He thought I had lost the money. I asked my sister and she told me the truth. Someone had stolen the money and she was afraid to admit it. Anyway I now had to carry the blame.

From then on I learned to look after my own responsibilities.

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Posted on February 5th, 2014 by shinchi


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