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JB and I have known each other for a mere 6 months through a mutual friend, but we’ve shared a lot of memories together in those times – both happy and melodramatic ones of course.

For some reasons, we instantly clicked the first time we met. He was a joker, while I easily rode along with what he would say and be the target of the jesting.

Even though he was 6 years older than me, we would hang out and joke around as though we were of the same age. We’d go to dinner almost four times a week despite our busy schedule, go on out of town trips with other friends, share files and useful tools, and sing our hearts out at karaoke bars and the likes. In the process, we got to know more about each others’ quirks and ways.

Although it couldn’t be denied that he knew way a lot of things more than I – given the age difference. But somehow, we made the friendship work.

Until that fateful night, when my own pride destroyed us.

We were eating in a Japanese restaurant with our two other friends. The other two were playing games on the laptop, while we kid around as usual. Then we had a bet about a certain person, and I ended up losing due to the fact that he already knew what the outcome would be. I got annoyed and decided not to succumb to his orders. It was really petty, but it became the cause of the rift between us. I couldn’t believe that just because of a childish game, we ended up not talking to each other – not even apologizing for our behavior. We were torn by pride.

It’s been 6 months, and I realized that sometimes, a simple sorry should have been enough.

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Posted on February 6th, 2014 by MacFleet


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