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As a kid and a teenager, I often lost my temper. I would like to narrate an episode which taught me the hard way that it is important to control your rage.

One morning our parents were out visiting some relatives and had left us to take care of the home. They told us explicitly not to engage ourselves in mischief as was often the case when we were alone.

My neighbor had come over and we had a great time playing various games. In the midst of it an argument arose and I lost control of myself. I scolded my sister badly and left the room and went out in a huff. My sister was afraid that I had gone out to get a stick to beat her. She and the neighbor locked up the door from the inside.

I walked about for some time until I was calmer. I then knocked at the door. They did not open. I knocked harder and they still did not venture to open the door. Ours was an old British building with the doors being half of glass. As I began knocking harder, the glass shattered and I had a deep wound on my arm. Hearing the noise both the kids came to the door and were alarmed to see the blood oozing out. The bleeding did not stop. This was when I came to know of my neighbor’s nursing talents. She was still a kid a couple of years younger than me. But she marvelously took some cotton wiped up the blood, and tied up the wound to try to control the bleeding. By then my parents arrived and saw the mess. We all lied to them that the glass had broken up when we pushed hard at the door. I was taken to the hospital and received six stitches.

The stitches have left a lasting scar to remind me not to lose control of myself when angry.

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Posted on February 8th, 2014 by shinchi


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