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A Gluttonous Quandary

My mom is a really good cook. But from all the recipes that she has cooked, I had a memorable experience with one, the bean pork stew. On that day, there was enough to feed almost three households. This only meant one thing: more for me!! By the time Ma finished cooking, I was onto that pot like an eager beaver. Ma said that I was eating far too much for my own good and asked me to bring some to my grandma and aunt’s house. I did, but filled the container that was their share at only half its capacity. Reasoning to myself that grandma doesn’t really enjoy this stuff and plus auntie has always been stingy with her cooking.
It was already past 8 in the evening, but I was still digging into that bean stew religiously. At around 9:30, filled to the brim, I crept to bed. Flitting in and out of my dreams, I woke up sweating. In a panic, I rushed to the kitchen sink. I stood there for a couple of seconds, confused with what I was experiencing. Then it came, from up my throat and out into the sink. Beans, not even properly digested. It went on for a few minutes. My mom heard the racket and came to check, finding me bent over the sink. After I was done, I looked at her incredulous face. “See? This is exactly what happens if you eat beans at so late an hour! And you’ve been eating nothing but that the entire day!” I smiled weakly at her as I stumbled back to my room.
In an afterthought I realized if I hadn’t woken to throw up, I could’ve died in my sleep! Lesson: Never eat like there’s no tomorrow. Gluttony has its awful and disgusting repercussions.

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Posted on February 28th, 2012 by khiro


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