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Juggling and Acting Out of Frustration

As a student, juggling over academics, extra-curricular activities, social group interactions and familial relations can be quite mentally and physically draining, as well as emotional exhausting.

We play a lot of roles, and put on different masks as we go about in our daily dealings with other people. And sometimes, the burden of clothing yourself with layers and layers of protective barriers – smiles, frowns, bewilderment and other conceivable emotions can result to overdrive and drowning in one’s own self-inflicted short-circuiting.

There really is nothing wrong with our role-playing, as it is a norm and a way of coping up with every day’s struggles. However, the strain of delving too much of it is dangerous. The very thing that you need to keep watch of is losing yourself in the process. Because I, myself, almost did.

As a college student majoring in both Psychology and Economics, an associate editor in a certain club’s official publication, a volunteer in a service-oriented organization, a youth leader on another organization’s chapter, a part-time writer in an online marketplace, a newly-founded aunt, a mediator of social groups, a daughter, a friend, a sister, and so the list goes on…. It is sometimes overwhelming and gets into me more than I dared to admit.

One day, I lost an important friend because I acted out to her all my frustrations. I almost lost it. Thankfully, no physical injury was incurred, but she was emotionally distraught by my actions. And one thing I learned that day in juggling all these is reigning in my emotions. Because the last time I lost control of my wheel, I lost someone precious. And I still look back on that memory with shame and guilt – because she was the first ever buddy I came close to in College.

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Posted on February 12th, 2014 by MacFleet


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