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Knowing When To Walk Away From Temptations

I was friends with people in college that loved to play poker and cards. I tried to learn it for the sake of our friendship and not for any other reason. One day they invited me to go to a place where they could play poker and win big time. Despite being naïve then, I tried to resist and made an excuse that I was not used to big crowds. It was hard to let my friends down and I decided I have to accept if ever they get angry at me in the end. Of course they were angry, but I think it would have made me angrier if I also lost the money I had saved for many years just for a few hours of gambling with a game I was not really good at.

I think I was at a tipping point back then where I had to choose between my friends who just wanted my company for a short-term fun and my values/morals which serve as my guiding light in the world that is filled with temptations. I did not regret walking away from such temptations because I would have been regretting it until now like some of my friends did. It is important to judge oneself when caught in a dilemma, whether you choose to be happy for your friends that try to pull you towards their vices or stick to your goals and be happy with yourself.

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Posted on March 9th, 2012 by rosalie


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