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I was in my early teens when we went to our hometown on vacation. We often looked forward to these visits, as the cousins there often played exciting games. We often went fishing, trekking, and all such adventures. This time something happened that taught me to be careful in relationships and conversation.

My aunt’s nephew, Shibu, had come over on a visit. My aunt introduced him to us and we felt he was a jolly chap. We went about playing and making merry. All of a sudden, when he found himself alone with me, he asked me if I liked him. I told innocently that I did. He seemed very happy. We continued playing. However, there seemed to be something wrong in his behavior afterwards. As we were playing hide and seek, Shibu called me to hide with him and began touching inappropriately. He told me to meet him alone at a courtyard. I realized that something was amiss and kept trying to avoid him. I locked myself in a room, reading some storybooks. Here too, Shibu came over to the window and told me to come out and play with him. When Shibu was out of our sight, I called my sister and told her we would go for a walk. We went to one of our cousin’s house and spent some time there. I hesitated to go back. However, it was getting dark and so we went back, as we did not want our parents to be upset. Luckily for me my maternal uncle and aunt had come visiting. I told my mother that I would like to go to my mother’s hometown with them, to which she agreed.

Thus I was relieved from this grave situation that I had put myself into. From then on, I was careful of the words I said and did in any situation.

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Posted on February 16th, 2014 by shinchi


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