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Copy Cat??

The church we went to was a bit far away and we had to travel for an hour by bus on Sundays to get there. I was in the sixth grade and was excited to wear my first ankle-length skirt to church. We attended the mass and as usual after going to the market returned by bus. As I was alighting from the bus, I tripped on my skirt and fell, hitting the back of my head. I was dazed and needed the support of my parents to walk. Somehow we reached home, but I was still feeling dazed.

There was an assignment in Sanskrit grammar to be completed and I sat at it. My head seemed to spin and I did not know what I was writing. However, I got to finish it in the end. My friend, Vineetha, who was also a neighbor, often needed help with her assignments and asked for my notes. On that day too she came for my notes. I was hesitant at first, but gave it to her, warning that I was not feeling well at the time I did my homework. She left with my book. My dizziness only seemed to worsen and my father took me to the hospital. I was given intravenous fluids and watched until evening. They took an x-ray and told us there was nothing to worry.

The next day we submitted our Sanskrit assignments. After correction, our teacher called me to the staff room. I was good at Sanskrit and always had good marks in the subject. I was worried if I had blundered in this assignment. The teacher first showed me my work and the abundant mistakes I had made. He then showed me Vineetha’s assignment book with the same mistakes in them. He asked me why I had to copy from her. Sir actually thought that I was the one who copied. I was very ashamed and tried to explain, but unfortunately ended up being in the teacher’s bad books.

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Posted on February 17th, 2014 by shinchi


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