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Years ago, I didn’t believe in love. It was only a game for me. All I had in mind was, “Why waste my time on one girl, when I could have another”?

It all started when I was in secondary school, when I had a big crush on a girl. For years, I didn’t have the guts to tell her how I feel. Then one day, I took all the courage I had, and blurted it all out to her. I was so happy when she became my very first girlfriend, but it turned out to be so wrong. I made all her assignments, I treated her every day. I was being used. I was so mad, that I promised myself that one day, I’ll get my revenge.

“College”, I once said,”finally, I can have my revenge.” I dated so many girls, either to get laid, or just for fun. I broke so many girls’ hearts. One day, I met a girl who will soon change everything. She was pretty, intelligent, and sweet. I wanted to break that girl’s heart, but days and weeks passed, I began to like her. I continued to date her, almost every single day. The anger in my heart slowly faded away, thanks to this girl.

Never be afraid to fall in love again. Revenge is exactly not the right thing to do. Pain, though how much painful it is, is all part of being in love. We learn and grow from it.

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Posted on March 20th, 2012 by chronos54


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