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Hurting Betrayal

In high school it was the practice of girl students to gossip about others, especially of boyfriends and girlfriends. My close friend, Anju and I too often exchanged stories of who was gazing at whom, who was trying to grab the attention of whom, and such silly and trivial matters.

One day we were chatting about in such a mood, when I asked her whether she has noticed something odd in the behavior of our classmate Minisha towards the boy, Manikandan who was in our class too. I began to talk about instances to strengthen my statement. My words were often just innocent gossip just to feel that I too belonged in an arena where gossips reigned. I never dreamt of the embarrassing situation that I was going to have to face. I was confident that Anju was my best friend and that secrets between us were never shared with others. This was what made me gossip freely with her.

A few days after this small talk, I found to my chagrin that this was not the case. Minisha confronted me and asked me why I had gossiped about her and Manikandan. She asked me what right I had to tarnish her image. She started picking up a quarrel. I asked her why she was telling that I had tarnished her image. She told me that Anju had told Maheshwari about this and Maheshwari had asked Minisha if this was the case. I was shocked hard enough to keep myself out of small talk and gossip permanently. I decided then and there to find only the good in persons and talk about the good qualities of others alone. I also learned not to trust anyone implicitly.

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Posted on February 20th, 2014 by shinchi


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