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Lost In Window Shopping

There was an active nature club in our school and there were yearly nature trips to beautiful woods, valleys, dams, etc. Having a great love for the flowers, birds, butterflies, and all the beauties of nature I was an active member too and mostly took part in these nature walks. Before I set out on those trips my mother would say, “Always remain with the gang and don’t wander away.”

During one such trip we were traveling to Dodabetta by bus and were planning to walk through the woods learning about the various fauna and flora. En route the bus had stopped for a while to enable us to stretch ourselves. The teachers told us to return to the bus in 15 minutes and not to go far away. My friend, Sandhya, wanted to buy some snacks and mint, since she had a habit of vomiting when traveling. So I went with her to a shop nearby and asked for some mint drops. They did not have any and we went a little farther away to another shop. As we were walking along we were attracted by the wares displayed in the various stalls and stood for a while admiring. We were so engrossed in our merry frolics that we did not realize that it was time to return. Finally we got some mint drops for Sandhya and began our way back. We soon began to be frightened, feeling we had lost the way. The bus was nowhere in sight. Here we were, two little girls, who were quite unaware of the outside world, in a very strange place. We began crying and praying hard.

Our prayers may have been heard. The teachers soon found that two students were missing and asked the driver to look for us. So the bus came looking for us and imagine our relief at seeing the familiar vehicle. We had had our fill of window shopping.

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Posted on February 23rd, 2014 by shinchi


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