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Taking My Revenge without Impunity

Because of the unpleasant experience I had with a man, I swear that one day I will take my revenge, and when I do, it should be done without impunity. I will also make somebody fall madly and deeply in love me and tear him apart. It should be me who must have the last laugh. For that, I activated my account from a particular social network. I joined dating sites just to find a prey. Fortunately, I found not just one, but three guys.
I did my best to entice them, I let them spend a lot of money to send me gifts and other unnecessary material things, and most of all I demanded to let them come to my place and meet me. Poor guys, so gullible and stupid enough to obey my commands, nobody was unaware of my plan; they never even suspected my motives. I was so jubilant making these guys miserable, until the day comes when the odds turned back at me.
One of these guys became my steady BF, when I knew that he was head-over-heels in love with me, for no reason at all, I broke up with him. I never talked to him, never answered his call, and blocked him from my social network; just shut him out of my life. I was so happy knowing that he was in complete agony with what I had done.
Until one day I got a call from an unknown number, it was from his mom, telling me that his son was in a coma because after the break-up, he went into a drinking spree. He went home drunk driving, on his way home he was side swept by a ten wheeler cargo truck. All of them were blaming me; according them if, I did not break up with him maybe it will not happen. When I tried to visit him at the hospital, I was not allowed to get inside his room.
When I went home a pang of guilt hit me. Somehow, I am reliable of his condition, for that I went to church and pray. I asked for forgiveness from God and most of all ask God to spare his life. However, a week after being comatose all of his systems failed and finally died. Because of that almost all people who knew blamed me. I was entirely distraught that time; I was branded a killer, a murderer.
From that time I never got peace of mind, so I decided to stay away from anybody who knew me. I transferred residency and tried to pick up the pieces of the broken fragments of myself. I applied for a new job and start living as a new person trying to shut down all those bad memories. At first it was too hard; but with prayers I finally moved on.

Lesson: Making someone pay the debts of others is not right because the price you might be paying in return might be greater than what has been owed to you.

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Posted on April 13th, 2012 by lioness36


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