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Saving For The Rainy Days

There was a point in my life when my husband and I were earning more than what we need; because we started from rags, we were so overwhelmed when huge amount of money were coming in. For that, we were always having our shopping, dining out and worse we learned to gamble. Every night we were always there at the casino. We never care how much money we lost at the slot machines because the blessings are continuously coming in.
There was never a day that we missed going to the casino. We never realized that, it was also the very reason we lost everything. Both of us were addicted to it especially when my husband won not just by hundreds, but by thousands in our currency. However, that was not for long because one day my husband lost his appetite and drastically loses weight. I was more alarmed when he had a fever and his eyes started to turn yellowish. I brought him to the hospital and to my dismay; he was diagnosed of having Hepatitis B, worst he must be confined right away. I was unprepared for that, the doctor told us to prepare a hefty sum for my husband to get well.
Because we don’t have any savings, and just a few more money left, I began to worry as to where will a get the money needed for his hospitalization. What I did to raise money, I sold all of my jewelry, including our first car. It was so painful to let go all of those material things; however, I need to save the life of my husband. With the proceeds of what I sold I have paid all of the hospital bills and there is still enough money for his medicines.
When he was discharged from the hospital and we are on our way home; none of us was speaking. Each of us was in deep thoughts, contemplating of what had happened and what will be happening next. When we arrive that was the time when he finally spoke, he told me that he was sorry he got sick. I told him it was not his fault since all of us will always get sick. The fault we had is that we never care to save. If only we just save the money we wasted in the casino; perhaps my jewelry will still be with me, most especially our car.
Because of that incident we learned our lesson well, from that time on, we never went to the casino anymore. When my husband was well enough and go back to work, we agreed to save extra money not only for the rainy days, but also for our son’s education. By God’s grace we have moved on, and with our savings we have bought another car and sent our son to a private school. The formula we used for our success is this, Income – Savings = Expenses.

Lesson: We must never indulge in gambling, it will just bring us down; instead of spending our money for nothing, it’s better for us to save it to prepare us for the time we needed it most.

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Posted on April 16th, 2012 by sandalwood_F

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I am glad you learnt a lesson from your past mistake. But I am more impressed that the two of you stuck together through it all. Now that is true love. What else could a man ask for? I believe that when a man has a great wife like yourself, he is a wealthy man. I wish your family the very best.


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