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Procrastination And Side Effects

When we were children my father was very strict and particular that we were up to date with our daily lessons. If not daily, at least once in a week my father would always find time to check on what we had been taught in class and ask questions. I could manage with most subjects, but social studies was a nightmare. I could tolerate history, but geography and civics were not my forte. So I began avoiding working on social studies lessons. Whenever my father asked me I would say that they had not taught anything in social studies. This went on for a week and my father grew suspicious. He told me to show him my social studies notebook. I can still remember the terror I experienced at that time. I began thinking of ways to avoid punishment. There were pages of questions and long answers that I had ignored for a week. How was I to learn it in a short while before handing over to my father. My father was calling out, “Where is the book, why are you taking such a long time?” As I was shivering I came up with a silly idea. I tore off the pages that contained one week’s work in class and took the book to Pappa. My legs were shivering as I handed the book to him. Pappa turned the pages and easily found out that some pages were being torn. “Why did you tear pages from your notebook. I have often told you not to do so.” “Pappa, I had to do a class test in math and needed a paper”, said I. One deception was leading to another. Pappa was not one to be fooled. He made me admit that I had torn the pages of the week’s social studies work and asked me to bring the pages. I was punished severely. This hurt terribly, but was nothing compared to what was in store for me later in the week. We were visiting some family friends, when we met my social studies teacher, Mr. Acharya, on the way. My father narrated the whole incident to him. I just wanted to hide under the ground. This was a great lesson to me not to engage in lying and deception.

When we passed out of high school, Mr. Acharya wrote in my autograph book, “Cowards will never come up in life.” I am still ashamed of how low my thoughts had worked at that time.

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Posted on February 27th, 2014 by shinchi


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