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Winning the Deal

I am an entrepreneur for almost 15 years now. Its really fun because I love what I am doing. I am into beauty and wellness. I know and feel that aside from making money, I make friends as well. I share my life and reach out to people not just by making them look good but definitely by making them happy. Beauty from the inside out. I am happy especially with the rewards I am getting. As a single mother, I strive to give the best for my daughter. I send her to the best schools and provide her needs.
With these, I am certain that God has called me to do this. He blesses me in every season of my life. As I watched my business grow, I felt that I would be happier if I would share whatever I have t who people especially those who want to venture into the same kind of things I am doing. My sister and I started to help friends and clients put up their own spa and skin clinics.
One night while I was chatting with friends and clients on Facebook, an acquaintance’s message popped up. She started asking me how I am and how the business is doing. I enjoyed chatting with her until she asked if we can meet to better enjoy each other’s stories. I invited her to the spa . In no time we became friends until she opened up the financial challenges shes facing. I offered my help and asked if she wants to venture to a wellness business. She immediately showed a big smile and started to inquire. I knew it gave her relief and hope that she can still recover and find solution to whatever challenge shes currently facing.
We came up with expectations and offers and finally came into agreement. I started training people for her as she refurbished a portion of her place to be converted into a spa. I felt comfortable and enjoyed the things I was doing for her. I also gave the best price and terms of payment for everything she would be needing from machines to the towels. But unexpected things happened. I failed to deliver the facial beds due to typhoon. That started the problem. She was pissed because she scheduled the launch the day after the scheduled delivery of the beds. She was devastated so I started offering negotiations and apologies. But it seemed non negotiable. She started looking for loop holes and decided to terminate the contract. I too felt bad and confused because of a number of reasons;I can feel I am losing a friend, everything was delivered and I was able to train her staff and shared with her my valued trade secrets for a minimal down payment. I could imagine the hassle of pulling out all my deliveries, moreover, I was thinking of the relationship I was about to lose. I prayed so hard for wisdom.I had so many sleepless nights.I heard a lot of untrue stories that led people judge me. I prayed and asked for wisdom.
One Saturday, I found myself writing an email to her. I was apologizing and giving up everything without her having to pay for it. She answered my email with bitterness and told me that I definitely won’t get God’s forgiveness by just me giving those up. I felt worse. I couldn’t imagine her saying those things.
I lifted this case to God. I refused to seek for legal help because I still wanted to save our friendship. I remained silent. She asked to pullout the things I delivered. I was devastated. I lost my friendship with her and my opportunity to earn from the business. I came to realize that it doesn’t matter who is wrong or right. Trade secrets should remain secret. To promise small and deliver big. Integrity should be valued in all aspects.

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Posted on May 2nd, 2012 by Anonymous


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