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A Craving For Outside Food

There was a small restaurant close to our office, which some of my colleagues often visited to have chicken biryani. They were always full of praise for the biryani of Mani’s Hot Plate, describing in detail how it tickles one’s taste buds. Listening to their versions even one who had no liking for chicken biryani would go for the one at Mani’s shop. One day Suguna said to me, “The biryani there certainly seems to be outstanding. Let us also go one day and have a taste of it.” “I too am eager on having lunch there. I am double okay with it. Let’s go there tomorrow”, I was excited too.

On reaching home all I had to talk to my husband was about the special biryani that my colleagues often had. I told him that I was going to have it tomorrow along with my friend, Suguna.

“Why can’t you try making some biryani at home? Who knows whether they are preparing in a hygienic way. I am not very keen on your eating out in some place,” hubby was discouraging. “You are jealous that you can’t have it too. You are always like that. You don’t ever want me to have a change”, I lashed back angrily.

The next day I woke up excited to go early to the office, wishing that lunch time would come very soon. As I was brewing up coffee, I could hear the newspaper being thrown over. As I glanced through the headlines one particular news caught my attention. There was a headline with Mani’s Hot Plate in it. I read on and found that about five to six persons had been hospitalized after having biryani from this shop. My husband too was by my side reading the news. I was quite embarrassed by the look he gave. Anyway this incident urged me on to learn to cook biryani at home.

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Posted on March 4th, 2014 by shinchi


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