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Choose Your Battles

Apart from the difficulty of marriage itself, the blending of two families can cause a lot of stress. There are reasons why the term ‘in-laws’ comes with so many mixed feeling behind it. My experience was no exception. Because of numerous reasons, tension quickly boiled between my husband’s parents and me. Although I do believe most of it was in good reason, the way I went about it and handled it was a huge mistake.
Dealing with in-laws is a tricky thing. No matter how justified the anger or hurt feeling, they still are and always will be your spouse’s parents. Nobody likes to hear about their parents talked about in a negative light, even if they know it’s true. I made the mistake of constantly ranting to my husband about their mistreatment of me, their stupidity when it came to our children, and their ignorance at everything in general. He bore this with great patience, always sticking up for me and taking my side. He put up with it for nearly eight months straight before finally unloading on me. It caused a huge fight between us. If I had just kept my feeling to myself, or only ranted one or two times to him, it never would have caused that. I learned that there are fights you have to choose. What was more important to me, my anger or my husband? My husband is more important than any hurt feelings or fights. Always pick your battles, because sometimes the price is just too high.

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Posted on March 4th, 2014 by thinspell


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