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The Danger of Anger

Out of the seven deadly sins, there is one that I never quite understood: wrath. In easier terms, anger. Why was anger such a bad thing? It was something I learned through my own actions.
In dealing with others, I would often swallow any anger or resentment and keep it inside of me. I made this mistake for years, just adding more and more pent up rage within. I never let my temper out, I never expressed my displeasure, and I never said a negative word. The anger within ate at me for years. It became so bad that I lost my usual cheerful demeanor and was diagnosed as depressed. I still didn’t realize my mistake. It wasn’t until I began self-harming that I realized what was going on. All this rage, anger, aggression was eating me alive. It was poisoning my emotions and thoughts. And for what? My pent up anger affected nobody. Constantly obsessing about it, raging about it within my own mind didn’t concern anyone. It didn’t affect them, it didn’t change any of their day to day lives. It was only hurting me. I had to learn to let go of all those emotions. I had to learn a healthy way to deal with anger, without sealing it up inside of me. Holding on to anger hurts nobody but yourself. There is no reason to damage your soul like that. Let it go, learn to be happy and go on with your life.

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Posted on March 4th, 2014 by thinspell


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