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Beer and Boys over Books

For as long as I can remember, my dad has always brought and picked me up to and from school. It was a sad time when I was about to say goodbye to him because I was already going to college in a different city. It meant literally being on my own. During my first year in college I distracted my self with school work so that I wouldn’t think so much of my dad and my family. Everything was great up until in my second year when I got mixed up with the wrong kind of students.

I called them BBs. Beer over Books. It started when I got to hang out with them once in a party at our dorm. Since then I became addicted to drinking and partying and my grades spiraled 6 feet under. Of course whenever my dad called I’d tell him my grades were great and I was still his sweet angel, thinking this little white lie will never hurt him.

I got so drunk one night that in the morning I woke up in somebody else’s bed. Thank God I was still fully dressed. But that showed me how over the top my drinking and partying have gone. Right then and there I decided to quit drinking and dump those bad influences called BBs.

They tried to convince me that life is short and meant to be enjoyed but I only told them it is meant to be enjoyed but not so much as to get you dead drunk in some stranger’s house. I could’ve been raped or killed or whatever and they weren’t really my friends because if they were I never would have been in that situation at all. So I got my grades back on top by choosing books over beers and boys.

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Posted on October 15th, 2013 by dawn


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