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Be Patient

We are always in a hurry to finish any work or task. There are few people who have patience to tolerate anything. Do you actually think, if we have patience we can do anything better than we do being impatience.
I am stubborn child; at past I was so impatience that I could not wait for anything. I could not even wait a second for getting my desired thing. As a result, all that work I did was not completely done or unfinished.
As a result I never met the perfect success in my life, until I learned the usefulness of being patient. I have learned that if be patient, we can do anything better and make our life glorious. Now I am patient than before, and my works are better than before. My life is also better than before.
So friends don’t rush to do anything, be patient.

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Posted on May 14th, 2012 by Wine


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