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Don’t Just Follow the Heart

When I was just starting with my career, I got invited by a couple of officemates to go for drinks at the end of the day. I thought, “Oh yeah, that would be fun but I really have a huge deadline to meet tomorrow morning and I have not finished a lot.” Despite of the inhibitions I still joined my friends and party all night. It was definitely fun, but when I got home it’s like I came from a fantasy world and now I’m back to reality. I was doomed. There was no way I could finish the things I should do in just a little time. I worked my way to finishing everything even if it’s not that excellent. I got to pass the project on time but not how I planned it to be. Good thing I got away with the consequences that time but in the next tried what happens. So, I realized that when we follow our hearts. Yes, it would make us happy but will happiness last for long? Somehow you will fall. So, weigh everything you decide on. Think hard. Would it be responsible to do that? Would that be creating a good image of you? Stop and think twice.

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Posted on May 16th, 2012 by Anonymous


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