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Depend on yourself not others

I was lazy, unwilling to do any work and I was proud about these bad habits. Even I used to do my homework by my classmates. Naturally I have a charm of controlling people by talking to them. I always used that to get my works done from others.
For this soon I started to depend on others. I could not do anything without anyone’s help. My natural charm was not working well like before. As a result soon I fall in great danger. I could not complete any of my works.
I understood what I have done to myself. For depending on others, I have become a useless person. I also felt why not we should depend on others with our works. I have learned we need to try to do our work ourselves and we need to try the best. Otherwise there is no difference between us to the chair, tables ahead us.

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Posted on May 17th, 2012 by Wine


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