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Looks Vs Life

When we were quite young we had yearly medical checkups in school, where they used to conduct eye examinations too. I still remember how most pupils learnt the visual chart by heart to recite when asked. None of us wanted to be bespectacled. As I grew up my eye sight seemed to be declining. My father had a doubt that I had short sight and so took me to the ophthalmologist. Here too I repeated my childhood prank and got through the visual chart examination. Later the doctor too examined and told there was not much of a problem.

After my tenth grade my father was transferred to Chennai and we siblings had to join school here. I had had a lovely time in the hill station as a child and was not at all pleased on the move. I was missing my old friends and I found it hard to develop any real friendships in the new place. Added to this was the fact that I could not see the blackboard. My shortsightedness had become more pronounced now and I kept it to myself. I never told my parents, fearing I would have to wear glasses. My grades began declining. In the earlier school while I always achieved a rank within the first five, here I was somewhere at the bottom. Earlier my classmates used to befriend me just to get help from me for their home works and assignments. Here one look at my notebook and the girls would think I was a real dull student. Whenever the teacher was dictating I could write, but could gather nothing from the blackboard and often copied nonsense. The girl sitting next to me was not very good with her notes either. So my lessons were limited to what was dictated and what my benchmate was writing. My parents thought the decline in my grades was due to the change in school. They knew more than anyone else how much I had pleaded with them not to leave the earlier place. Thus I went on without spectacles through school and college and spoiled my future and career.

It was only after my wedding that my husband suspected that I had short sight. He had taken me to a movie and asked me to comment on a scene. Hearing the nonsense I told him, he took me to the ophthalmologist, who found I had short sight. My husband got me glasses and how much better the world did look to me then. I still regret the days I wasted, just to have a pretty look.

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Posted on March 7th, 2014 by shinchi


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