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Decide yourself

I remember a time when I was in twelve grade. It was a year that I prepared for the national exam. I was really working hard to score good results. Day and night I studied for long hours and my friends were also on the way of preparation. Then the time reached and we all had completed our preparation and after certain days we took the national exam. The exam was very nice and I scored top point. The adventure started at this period when I was selecting field of study and university. At that time I and my friends were filling the selection form. Then I wanted to study ‘medicine’ in well-known university of my country. Nevertheless, my friends psychologically forced me to change my decision and told me to fill the same fields as they wanted. They also said to me that ‘medicine’ is not the best field of study rather they support the field ‘Engineering’. I never tried to oppose them but I supported them and on the paper I chose ‘Engineering’. After some time the field that I have selected was on board and I got ‘Engineering’ in a university that I don’t want to learn. At that moment, I feel very sad and blame myself why I had changed my decision. This part of my life reminds me that I may ask someone consultations but whatever decision I made, I won’t give a single space of intervention of other ideas into my life, period!

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Posted on June 5th, 2012 by Hailefix


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