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Exceptional anger

Thirteen years ago, there was a cat living in my house. It was brown color with beautiful eyes and my mother really loved the cat. Naturally, I dislike cats and kicked whatever it does something that I don’t like. One day, my mom and dad were planning to go a long way for visiting relatives and they told me to keep my eyes open and clean the house. I accepted their command and started to do what they told me. I have been continuously working for six hours and I finished at midday. Suddenly I have heard something falling down in my bedroom. When I opened the door of my class, the new flat screen TV fall down and the screen is out of use. Beside the TV, the cat ate my burger that I put on the table. My face become red and I can’t explain how I felt at that moment. I dragged the cat and decided to dive the cat in the nearby river. Then I put the cat into an old luggage and throw into the river. Then my face becomes normal. When I think now, I wish I shouldn’t throw the cat in the river but I did it. The next day my mother searched the cat but she couldn’t get him and I didn’t tell her. Now, I am changed in my attitude of cats. After that I regret by my action and since that time I love cats more than my mom.

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Posted on June 27th, 2012 by Hailefix


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