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Too Busy To Notice

As usual it was a busy day in the kitchen with the many normal routines and cooking. Added to this I had errands at the post office, which my husband agreed to drop me.

There was still a lot of work remaining in the kitchen as we returned from the post office and I was engaged in it, while my husband told me to get ready to go shopping for a cooker and some other home utilities. I wanted to refuse, but did not want to let go of the chance, since my husband himself was inviting me for shopping.

My husband got the bike ready and told me to hurry up. I had come out ready to go when my husband told me to get the old cooker, as there was an exchange offer. I went in for the cooker and my mind was full of thoughts of the things I would like to purchase. I locked the door and we went shopping.

It took about an hour and as we were returning, as though by a sixth sense my husband asked me where the house keys were. I usually carried it with me in my hand and I did not remember doing so that day, and to make matters worse I did not remember locking the front door either. However, we looked into the various bags and also searched the scooter’s boot inside out. The keys were not to be found. I was really worried and was cursing myself.

My husband kindly obliged to go and search in the showroom to see if we had left the keys somewhere in there while we were browsing the stuff. I waited with butterflies in my stomach, bracing myself for the reprieve I would have to face. My husband returned from the shop saying the keys were not found. In any case we decided to go home and see what could be done. My eyes were scouring the roadside as we went on the bike to see if the keys were fallen anywhere, but was disappointed. As we were nearing home I kept praying that nothing untoward would happen. We reached the gate and there were the keys well positioned into the lock, yet not locked.

All my husband did was stare at me and tell, “Wake up dear, wake up.” Anything else said about that incident was just in good humor and I was greatly relieved. By the grace of God no miscreant had noticed that our door was only partially locked and so there was no further mischief done. I made a promise to myself that this would be the last time I worried my husband, though how much of it I could keep only time would tell.

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Posted on March 13th, 2014 by shinchi


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