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A Friend’s Betrayal

Have you ever had that awful feeling when you get betrayed by someone you trusted? You get hurt because you were so true to that person, giving that someone access even to the deep recesses of your heart. You get so frustrated to the act of betrayal, and ask yourself where you went wrong in the relationship. And you get so anxious of what that person might do next. Will he/she spread around the secrets you’ve shared? Tell about the sins you’ve committed, and about the issues within your family that only he/she knows?

It makes you wonder what friendship meant to that person, because for you that WORD is more than a word. It’s something more poignant than that. It is something shared by two TRUE people who bared themselves to the ones they have confidence on – to the ones they trust to be there for them when the going gets tough, not to make things tougher for them.

My heart aches as I looked back on what had happened a few years ago when college came. I failed to recognize the subtle signs that the one I trusted was not feeling as strong as I do. I mistook the advantageous acts to mere peer relations. And I put everything I got out there for that person to consume. I thought it was all for friendship’s sake.

But I was gravely mistaken. After that betrayal, I realized the importance of being cautious and being sensitive enough to discern which are true and which are not, for people are indeed not what they seem to be.

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Posted on March 14th, 2014 by MacFleet


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