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Stuck In A Cable Car

It was my son’s summer vacation and we were planning to visit a theme park someday. One Saturday morning my husband brought up the idea of having the outing that day. I always cherished such quality time spent with family, which was very rare. I was quite enthusiastic about it and so was my son. We had breakfast and then I finished all the house work in a hustle and began to get ready to go. The weather that seemed pleasant until then suddenly began to be cloudy. My husband said, “Looks like it is going to rain today. Let us plan the trip some other day.” I began murmuring, saying that he always looks for excuses to avoid outings and that he rarely takes us on trips. My son too began to show dark faces. He was fed up and said, “Okay, let’s go, but don’t start complaining if it rains.”

As we set out there was a slight drizzle; however, ignored it. We got over the initial moodiness and irritability of the small quarrel and began enjoying the togetherness. As we reached Queensland it was not raining. My son entertained himself on the various rides and we happily soaked in the merry atmosphere. Then came the cable car and my husband wanted to have a ride. He soon persuaded us to join as well. My husband was alone in one of the compartments and my son and me in a different one.

We were awed by the magnificent view and were glad we did venture to have this ride. It was when the ride was midway that the power went off. We thought initially that it was part of the game to just give us a thrill, but 10 minutes went by, then 15, and time was just going and the cable car was still stationary. We were suspended high up in the air and looking down did make us dizzy. Added to this a thunderstorm seemed to be on its way and soon there was thunder and lightning. One cannot imagine the dread and horror we felt for about half an hour as we waited for the power to come on so that we could finish off with the ride. All this, I felt, was a consequence of my stubbornness on setting out on the trip ignoring the weather.

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Posted on March 16th, 2014 by shinchi


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