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Flying without passport?

Fifteen years ago, I remember a time that my mom bought me a cock and a hen. At that time I really had great love for Rooster species and that’s why my mom surprised me that the hen and rooster given as gifts to me .I was very happy so that I assigned names for my living gifts. I gave the name ‘Michael’ to the rooster and ‘Ziggy’ for the hen and seriously taken care both and feed them on my own schedule. However, I had a dream to fly like a bird and thought that if I sit down on the Michael and forced him to run, he would fly using its wings. Then, I waited since my mom and dad had left the house. Immediately using force, I tried to implement my mind imagination and sat on Michael’s back with all my loads. After I had injured Michael, he was running very fast and escaped from my hand. After a while, when I searched Michael, he fall down and couldn’t move. He just said quaa…quaa… (I think he said something like GO TO HELL!!)And sadly, I lose him…Though I was a kid; I wondered how I blame myself. I had been crying all that day. My mom told hugged me and say, ‘I wish you didn’t do that but its ok…the main thing is you won’t have to do this to Ziggy; promise me not to hurt her…’ and I promised to mom. Since that time, I have protected chickens right.

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Posted on July 24th, 2012 by Hailefix


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