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Kin Or Camera

We were at our sister’s place for a vacation. One day we decided to go to a water-theme park near Mangalore. The trip itself was ominous in that the kids were vomiting en route, as there were some hairpin bends. But nothing could dampen our spirits and off we went to enjoy a day out.

The park was itself set in beautiful surroundings and we felt fresh as we breathed in the healthy air. There was also a slight breeze, giving us a pleasant feel. The rides were quite thrilling and we watched as my brother-in-law and the kids frolicked in them. I had a camera with me that my husband had gifted and was happily taking pictures of the scenic atmosphere. We then decided to go to the swimming pool. All of them, even my sister went in. Since I had the camera with me, I stayed on the bank and watched them. They all had gone quite a distance. But my sister was just 5 feet from where I stood. She was trying to use a water tube and as I watched, all of a sudden she went head over heels into the water. The others had not seen her and I did not know what to do. I was a bit scared of the water myself and felt angry that the boy who stood near my sister was laughing. I called out loudly to my brother-in-law, who at last came and pulled her up. She had had the shock of her life.

As we all were sitting on the bank relieved, my sister was saying how she had been worried about what would happen to her daughter if something happens to her. Her husband was teasing her, “Is it possible for someone to drown in knee-deep water?” Anyway we had had enough of rides for the day and just enjoyed roaming about the park.

Even today my brother-in-law teases me, “Chechi was thinking whether to look after the camera or her sister, that’s why she stood where she was.” I really feel ashamed of the fact that I did not have the presence of mind to do anything myself to save my sister. Honestly it was not worry about the camera, but cowardliness that kept me bound.

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Posted on March 19th, 2014 by shinchi


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