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My first love=Me

Through relationships I have had in my lives (which are not many) a few things have crossed my mind as I see a pattern emerge. The mistakes done by either me or the other party and how I reacted to those situations and the feelings have played a role in understanding myself better. The common mistake I have only realized recently is that I have no confidence in myself. There are different circumstances that it has come out so clearly and I had to face the truth.
How I liked the other person as I have come to realize is to the extent to how I like myself. Its only by understanding oneself can you go out and do the same for the other person. Building confidence takes quite a while and with it comes the fruits of freedom of expression and mutual understanding.
I am taking a step at time. The realization of the simple mistake I have kept on doing has opened my eyes to a much bigger playfield and I embrace every part of me-my strengths and my weaknesses and loving me first.

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Posted on July 28th, 2012 by remi


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