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Giving up is an option

At work, we often encounter people who try to bring us down. Professional jealousy is a common thing we deal with every day. I was raised by a family who required excellence. I had grown accustom to constantly make something of myself. It became a compulsion.

My mistake was not giving up. Isn’t it weird, I said that? Well my work, as a call center manager, was not an easy one. I was brought up by my parents differently. I did not give up on people even when I had to. My parents raised me “not to give up” on anything. I always tried to see the good in people, something that was innate in me. Unknowingly, others did not approve of my coaching style, and despite the things they did to hurt me, I let them keep their jobs. I was too forgiving, too lenient. I did not issue the memos I should have; I did not use my chariot of fire. I thought my people would appreciate the efforts I made, in making them keep their jobs. I made a mistake of trusting too much, thinking tolerance will help them learn how to value my leadership. I was wrong.

Pride often gets in the way of our own better judgment. People often say it that “giving up is not an option”. This is not applicable to all situations life throws our way. There are also times when we have to surrender, when we have to get go, when we have to give up.

The people I trained to help me wanted my job. They ended up using my weaknesses against me. I was eventually terminated from my job unjustly. I should have resigned, when I found out about the plot against me, but I didn’t. My pride would not allow it. I should have walked away but I did not.

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Posted on October 16th, 2013 by rainbowexpress2013


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