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First Cooking Venture For Hubby

Our wedding took place at our hometown in Kerala. We stayed there for a while then set out to Chennai, where my parents were staying and from where we were to go on to Kolkota, where my husband worked. We had a grand time in Chennai with a reception where many of our friends came over to wish us a happy married life. We went out visiting places, just the two of us, and it seemed such a carefree life. My only problem was it lasted just a few days. We then had to go on to Kolkota, where I would have to take on the responsibilities of a home. My husband’s brother and family were living nearby too. So we did not have to bother about cooking the day we reached. But the next day hubby dear told, “We will begin cooking here today, what do you say?” I too agreed readily.

Before marriage I had often cooked quite pleasingly for my parents and was eager to please my husband too. There was only a kerosene stove and I felt overwhelmed; however, I decided to take it as a challenge and do my best. We decided on making upma for breakfast the first day, since it was a simple dish. I took great care in cutting the onion in the right size and stir frying the onions, taking just the right quantity of water, etc. I wanted my first dish in the new home to be a hit, however simple it was. I set it proudly before my dear one, my ears itching for his praises. He tasted just a spoonful and made such a face that I was worried. He asked me for water and told that there was too much salt in the upma. In malayalam ‘uppu’ means salt and so he teased me, “Did you think that upma was made just with uppu alone?” This was the first time I was making upma and I had thought that a lot of salt had to be added, since there was a large quantity.

My husband decided I was not a great cook and gave me basic lessons. I discovered that he was indeed a very good cook, as he had lived alone with friends and cooked for years. Even now I do get tips from my hubby while cooking.

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Posted on March 22nd, 2014 by shinchi


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