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A Rats Heart

Sometimes when you look at a girl, you get an irresistible feeling. Like you have to go up to her and let your heart out. But, then at the same time, your heart clenches and folds into one tiny bit, pulling you back.

I went through a similar phase once. I was at a festival and there was this beautiful polite girl standing right next to me. I glanced at her lots of times and when she turned her face towards me, I looked away as if I were playing a game with her.

My sub-conscious yelled at me to go for it. I tried, I seriously did. But, my rat heart pulled me back each time I made a move. I made a big mistake not listening to my sub-conscious. Eventually, I had to leave and I realized that the moment had passed.

She was a girl I could only dream of and when I got the chance, I blew it. That thought haunts me even now. My sub-conscious arrows a shower of accusations. ‘I should have done that, or that.’

The moral: We should always find that extra courage in ourselves and convey our feelings to the other person. What could be the worst that could happen? At least you will not have to feel guilty later on.

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Posted on August 12th, 2012 by Ali


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