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A Worried Dad

I somehow persuaded my hubby to get me a scooty. I was quite proud of the brand new Honda Dio and was determined that I would learn how to ride in it. My father agreed to coach me. He was very patient with me and was a caring and concerned passenger with me as I went on my early morning practice rides.

My dad would wake up early to get me to learn to ride the thing and off we would go. One fine day my son told that he too wants to see how I was progressing. So he followed us on his bicycle. We were riding near a bus stop when my father told me to stop. He said, “The road seems to be empty today. Why don’t you ride by yourself. I will walk over to the next bus stop and you can pick me up there. Also your son can come along on his bicycle with you.” I was enthusiastic about learning to ride, but was also quite tensed whenever I went for the practise sessions. So I heard only half of what Pappa was saying and set out by myself, my son following along. I thought he would have listened to what my father was saying.

We went a complete round and returned to the same bus stop, thinking Pappa had told that he would be waiting there, but he was nowhere to be found. I was worried and asked my son, “Isn’t this where Pappa told he will be waiting? I was really tense about the whole thing and so did not listen properly.” My son said that he had not heard what my father was saying. Anyway we again rode the same way that we came, scouring the roads for my father, but he was nowhere to be seen.

At last we saw a bike in the distance rode by a familiar uncle and my father was riding with him. It seemed they had come looking for me. How relieved my father was when he saw me. He had actually meant that he would wait by a gate near the next bus stop and he had told me to ride until I was there and wait for him. With no sign of me or my son anywhere around, my father began to be worried. It was then that he saw the uncle coming by in his bike. They set out looking for me, a worried lot.

This incident taught me to listen and think well before acting out. A communication problem can lead to several problems and tensions.

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Posted on March 25th, 2014 by shinchi


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