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Simple Lies Lead to Complicated Lies

“Why do people lie?”

My mom said I asked that question often times when I was around 5 or 6. Maybe because I was surrounded by a lot of adults growing up that I picked out that train of thought, or probably because of my natural curiosity as a kid. Being innocent and naive back then, I used to asked a lot – topics ranging from “why do dogs chase their tails?” to “why does auntie have to beat my cousin that hard?” to “does dad love me? Why is he always scolding me?” Little kids are usually brutally honest.

Now that I’m in my early adulthood, talking to little kids would always be a breather. As an adult, questioning why people lie would entail a lot of answers. In this realm, simplicity somehow didn’t make its way here. “It’s complicated.” That’s what a lot of us in this age would say. Sure thing, there even is a category for lies: white lie and an outright lie. Whatever “lie” that is, it is still a lie no matter what. And lying is a habit I want to change in myself. One event made me realize that and made me learn that in a hard way.

It was when I lied to one of my best friend’s mother when she asked where my best friend was. I told her that she was in a recollection, while in reality; she was out on a date with her boyfriend. But I lied for her, hoping that no one would be able to see them that day. But someone did, and her mom confronted me about it. Wanting to protect my best friend, I elaborated the lie, spinning the tale as I deemed fit. Of course, her mom initially believed my story but it only made me feel worse. Because after that incident, they were seen together again by the same witness as before and she was grounded for months. Her mom went cold on me too, and I admitted my mistake about that.

Now I made it a point to not to lie for someone else.

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Posted on March 27th, 2014 by MacFleet


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