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I was 22 when this happened. I was on this dating site and became friends with a professional photographer. We met each other in person and I got to visit his studio. He was really busy but still gave me attention as he worked with professional models. I was really fascinated with his talents and all.

Few days later he told me that he would like us to go out and have lunch since he didn’t have any upcoming photo shoots. I got dressed and went to wait for him at the chosen restaurant as planned. Twenty minutes later I called him and he said he would soon arrive. I had waited for almost an hour and the waiter seemed nervous when he came to ask me if I was ready to order something, I ordered a drink and left after I finished.

I called him and he didn’t answer his cell phone so I gave up. Two weeks later, he called again and I asked him what had happened because he was not taking my call. He explained that he had been very busy and all that. He promised to make it up to me and invited me to a show at Planet One. I was ecstatic and really wanted to give it another shot because I liked him.

On the D-day, I called him and he told me that he was on his way to the venue that I had to wait for him at the gate because he had a pass. I obliged and did as he instructed. There were bouncers there and when they asked for my pass I confidently told them that I was waiting for a photographer friend. I stood and waited while other guests arrived, presented their passes and were let through. Few minutes later, I called him and he said he was still on the way. I was uncomfortable and a bit embarrassed standing around so I went to a fast food place to sit for a while.

I called him after a while and he asked where I was. I told him that I was at the fast food place next to Planet One. He told me that he was already at Planet One. I went back to Planet One only to meet the bouncers again who appeared impatient with me when I started telling them that my friend with the pass was inside. I told them his name and one of them went in to confirm. I called his cell phone again but no answer. The bouncer came out few minutes later and told me that there was no such person. I didn’t even wait to say anything or show surprise, I got into a cab and went home. I felt humiliated and really stupid. I couldn’t believe that a matured man would act like a high school or college kid it was so disgusting. If a guy in his late 30s could do that then what would expect from him at 40 and beyond?

A month passed and I had already deleted his number from my phonebook. I got a call and answered. It was the dissapearing-act guy again. He began to talk like nothing had happened. The moment he invited me to come over to the Island for lunch I used an expletive and hung up.

I promised myself never to play the fool again. Whenever you are meeting friends online be very careful. There are predators out there and losers who have the intention of eating their cakes and having it. There are people who just want to exercise their power and walk all over you. I am glad that I cut him off before he made a real mess out of me.
The lesson here is that one should always know when to walk away. It might be the best decision you have ever made.

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Posted on August 21st, 2012 by Anonymous


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