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Prevention is better than cure!

What I can think of my biggest mistake to date was when having sex 6 months back, I forgot to ask if my boyfriend was wearing a condom or not. Our sex that day was different. It was as if we had been restrained for too long and suddenly found ourselves unrestrained. It was different, exciting and in all the excitement we forgot to use prevention. I didn’t gave it a thought at first but when the period of the next month got late by 10 days, I became panicked and decided to test my pregnancy.
The results weren’t good. What I feared was true and I was pregnant. This news came as a blow to me for I didn’t wanted to get pregnant and make babies; I was just 19 for crying it loud! A night’s pleasure was going to become a disaster of a lifetime and I feared that my guy won’t support me for an abortion if I told him about this recent development. I decided it was best to keep it to myself. What if he didn’t agree? I didn’t want to put my relationship into a danger. Hence, began the search for the chemical means to abort my pregnancy. I searched and searched until I found that a massive intake of Vitamin C can abort the pregnancy in the first 4 months. I instantly started taking citrus juices and Vitamin C supplements for the next 5 days, waiting impatiently for my periods to start. Finally at the end of the fifth day, relief dawned on me when I woke up in the pool of my own blood. My period had begun. I had successfully aborted my pregnancy.
It’s been 6 months but I haven’t told my boyfriend or anyone about it yet and writing about it is really making me uncomfortable. But all the impatience and panic attacks I went through during my 2 week pregnancy I learned that no matter how promising sex seems to you any night and no matter how badly you want it, you really need to have control of your senses for prevention is better than cure.

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Posted on August 25th, 2012 by Rida


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