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A stitch in time (really)saves nine

Late last year, I was scheduled to attend a very urgent meeting. I grabbed a pair of black pants and slipped them on hastily and took off to hail a cab like they (the pants) were on fire.

Now let me tell you the history of those pants. They were worn and showing signs of tear between the legs and I had set them aside as what I personally call “knack about” wears for strictly indoors. Now because I liked the pants so much I went on to buy another pair that looked exactly like it. So few days before, I had made the stupid mistake of hanging both on the same hanger and since I was in a hurry I had grabbed the Knack-about without knowing it.

I was taking very long strides as I walked to the plaza where the meeting would take place. I climbed the stairs in twos and threes whenever I could manage it. The poor pants, which have been crying for release, finally gave up as I heard a loud unmistakable rip. I quickly plastered myself on the wall and started to walk sideways. I looked so ridiculous as I made my way sideways to a chair and sat there.
Fortunately, the person I was to meet was yet to arrive so I had time to scold myself without distraction.

When she arrived, we discussed at length. She had come with a folder with some papers, which I had to review and I was so happy that I would be leaving with the folder. Though, I had interest in the papers, the folder was more important to me at that time, it would become a makeshift shield to cover the tear.
After the meeting, I rushed confidently to the gents to assess the damage. It was worse than I thought. The rip was an extensive one that made its way to the seat of my pants. Now that was not good.
I summoned the courage and continued my journey to hail a cab home while forfeiting plans to meet up with friends immediately.

I learned a good lesson that day. I learnt that the utmost care should be taken in doing things, this is not just about clothes. I also learned that slipping nonchalantly into anything, even for a man, could be risky 😉

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Posted on August 29th, 2012 by A.O


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