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Never Blind Dating Again

What can be said of the biggest mistake I have ever made in life was when I agreed to meet Kevin in the year 2009. I had found Kevin on a very popular blind dating site and he lived in the same city as me. Chatting and later skyping with him quite a number of times in one month I found him an interesting young man of 28. Hence, one day I decided to meet him.
We chose Alice’s coffee shop to meet at about 4pm the following weekend and for some reason I was very excited to meet him. From viewing his pictures, I knew one fact for sure and that was Kevin was hot. Like, really hot.
It was the first time I was going on a blind date, hence I was quite nervous too. However, when I told him this, he comforted me saying that he will be exactly same in person as he is on chatting. Here, I must mention the way he used to talk and reason with me was very convincing and so I felt quite assured.
Finally, after waiting for a week, the day to meet Kevin finally arrived. When I went to the coffee shop at 4, it was deserted, thinking that Kevin might be late; I sat down and ordered a cup of coffee for myself. I waited for him for a couple of minutes…Soon a couple of minutes turned in to one hour and after 1.5 an hour I knew for sure that he isn’t going to show up.
Deeply agitated and annoyed at him, I left the coffee shop at 5.30, only to get stuck in the traffic of people returning home from work, for 2 long hours. Hungry, agitated and frustrated from the traffic jam when I reached home at 8 pm and logged in to internet to see if Kevin had left some message as a reason to show up, it came as blow to see no email messages from him.
Two days passed, I kept rechecking my messages, but still in vain; Kevin never replied.
A month had passed after this incident when one day I found him online. After greeting him, I got down to the point immediately and asked him why he didn’t show up the other day. His reply left me flabbergasted. He asked me. If seriously I expected him to show up? I was shocked and perplexed and so I asked him to elaborate on his response. He told me then that he was never going to show up to meet someone who he barely knew. And he didn’t waste time on blind dates. I was just a time pass for him because I gave him a good company but that is that. He wanted nothing else from me.
After this conversation, I was quite for a few hours while I let the reality and the lesson I had learned to absorb in to me that because of my foolishness I actually began to trust a complete stranger who had no other interest in me other than to pass his time. From that day on I vowed to never trust a stranger so much as that it gives him a right to hurt my feelings. In fact, I deactivated my account on that Internet site and eliminated the idea of blind dating from my mind.

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Posted on August 30th, 2012 by Rida


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