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Smart Baby

A few weeks ago, my uncle let my family in new hampshire take care of his son, brandon, who is about 2 or 3 years old. Brandon is extremely smart with electronics; he knows how to do stuff that not even my aunt who is an engineer knows how to do!

Before school ended (2 months ago) my friend’s friend texted me saying that he had a dream about me. I asked him what it was, & he told me that we kissed & even had sex. So ever since then, he has been telling me to text him when i want to do IT with him. Me, being a prude completely ignored all his requests.

Now one day, about 11 pm, brandon was still awake, & he wanted to play with my phone. So i let him, but i forgot to shut off the signal. He likes to talk on the phone, & of course, he would happen to call my friend’s friend. Being 11 at night, the 1 minute, 22 second phone call made him think that i wanted sex, when it was an absolute mistake made by my cousin. Unfortuneately i cant live that down because he is more determined than ever to steal my virginity. *tis so sad* lesson learned, do not let a smart baby take complee control of your phone!

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Posted on September 7th, 2012 by peaches

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My own term for them is MILLENIUM BABIES. They are frightfully smart for comfort.


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