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The death of a recent colleague has left me feeling distraught. Although we were not close, somehow, I feel like I should have exerted effort to get to know her better. But then again, now that I realize it, perhaps I would be feeling even more crushed if I did become her true friend because I would then suffer the loss of someone that is close to me. Men are such fragile creatures. We break easily. I guess that’s just how we were made…

Jenny and I were colleagues for at least one year. Although we worked in the same company for that time, we never really saw each other eye to eye. Probably because we were so different from each other. She liked things that were girly while I did not. She was religious while I was not. Despite all our differences, I still maintained a good working relationship with her. We often smiled at each other and greeted each other. We sometimes like to talk to each other about various topics. Jenny was not only a good employee but was also a good friend. Everybody at work loved her due to her kind and gentle nature. Little did I know that she happened to be a single mother to an 8 year old boy too. I remember during my last day in the company. She wished me good luck and hoped for the best for me. It was a sweet gesture and I wish I could have repaid it. As time went by, I did not see my previous colleagues again but somehow I kept in touch with them via Facebook. Jenny was someone that I was not able to add to my account.

A couple of weeks prior to her death, I saw her Facebook account and immediately added her. I was hesitant at first because I thought that we weren’t close to begin with and that she might have forgotten about me already. Fortunately, I conquered my fear and just did it. The last photos on her wall was her trip to a beach far away from the city with her son. They looked happy together. I was happy for them too. Due to my busy schedule, I was not able to check my account for a week after that. When I got back to check my account, some random messages appeared on my updates. They were messages posted by my previous colleagues on her wall. Puzzled, I went to her profile and it was then that I made the shocking discovery. Jenny was gone and so was her son. They died in a vehicular accident far from the city. The driver ran away but in the end surrendered to the cops. Due to the damage and impact of the bus that hit them, both of them died instantly. Who knew that her smiling photographs with her son at the beach would be their last? It was horrible ending to a promising tale. Both of them were still young and filled with life but I guess such an event just goes to show us that life is indeed short.

I have come to realize that we all must do something worth while with our lives as that is why we were put here in this planet after all. Our true purposes in life might be unclear to us all at first but hopefully, before we die, we will be able to fulfill it so that in the end we will not feel like it was nothing but wasted time. Our existence should leave a mark in anything or anyone. That is what we should strive to achieve so we should never lose sight of this target. In their case, I cannot say that they have already fulfilled their purposes in this world. Perhaps there should have been more. But when death comes knocking at your door, I don’t think there is anything that you can do. To ease the pain of those they have left behind, I suggest that we all think about it this way… there is always a reason for everything. We may not know what God’s reason was in their case however, he does move in mysterious ways at times. Who are we to doubt or question what has been done? This experience also made me realize how fragile we are as humans. We are nothing but a vessel filled with knowledge, with vigor and with many different things but we can break easily and even wither away. We are not immortals who can conquer it all. This is all too sad but true. I have come to realize that the memories that I have had of Jenny will remain with me until the end of time. I am thankful for them all. I only hope and pray that she and her son are in a much better place now. Rest In Peace to the both of you.

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Posted on April 3rd, 2014 by kittypaws


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