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Inelegant Barking

Mistake committed in good faith is, by nature itself, still a mistake and unless someone else’s eye notices it, the doer remains in loath remorse. I, being then the author of error, burst in rage after reading that doom’s day note. I felt hell looked down on, insulted and off guarded. The sender of it, on the other way, ruptured in rage upon interpreting a pride-protecting-reply from me. Disrespect, ingratitude, and insubordination altogether characterized my so-called (as it was quoted) “exposed personality.” Nothing from whatever we aimed to be communicated was really understood well. We just both hit the roof!

After coming to my senses, I finally got the simple message why sometimes news puzzle us. Why would two big vessels collide in the midst of a million-meters-wide ocean? Why would two heavenly bodies smash together in an unbounded space? And why would two people from different bloc and of different dispositions come across each other only to end up clashing? It’s simply because a whistling kettle doesn’t hear the cook’s voice.

I should have behaved better and toiled in silence rather than barked in inelegance toward a big tree.

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Posted on September 17th, 2012 by ennyd29


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