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Learn to control your temper

Controlling one’s temper is one of the hardest qualities a human being can possess. Most people find it really hard and are considered short-tempered. I used to be one of those people back in my childhood days.

I had this pretty strange habit of getting angry when someone cracked a joke about me when on the other hand I did the same to that person. I ended up getting upset and my parents kept telling me that you should have the temperament to enjoy such jokes when you yourself enjoy doing it to others. That made a lot of sense to me but I still don’t know why I was being so sensitive with this issue. As years passed by, I did improve on this aspect and got much better in dealing with it. But my temperament still let me down on most occasions. I still remember that my parents requested me to help my little brother with his homework and to help him prepare before a test or an exam. All I ended up doing was scolding him from the first minute of our time before I gave up on him and rejected to teach him anymore. I felt he wasn’t serious enough and that I was wasting my time with him. That may have been partly true but deep inside I knew that it wasn’t his fault totally. I could have selected a better method to counter his not so serious attitude rather than scolding him time and time again.

Now, I have learned a lot about controlling my temper and everyone has noticed this change in me. I rarely lose my temper and when I do, it’s usually something very serious and which demands a little bit of aggression. You learn this quality as time passes by. It’s not something which you are going to possess over night. Some people are born with it but they still need to work on it and make it better. Once you have complete control over it you can enjoy life a lot better!

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Posted on September 24th, 2012 by Ali


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