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Wild mud riders

Me and my best friend usually spend quality time together as a couple of couch potatoes, watching movies and having a laugh. One morning after a sleepover we decided to go for a bike ride. When we went outside we realized it had rained earlier and there was mud everywhere. We started arguing about which road to take. She insisted on a road that leads to the town, but I figured it would be much nicer going to the beach, even though we would have to go through the forest. I thought a little bit of mud cannot keep the pair of invincible teenagers that we both were from having a good time. Eventually my friend gave into the power of my stubbornness. The road to the beach turned out to be terribly slippery, but unlike me, my friend was doing quite well, because her bike was much better than mine. Of course, I was trying to hide my distress, and I succeeded till I lost control over the steer, fell off the bicycle and smeared all over the muddy road like a helpless bundle of embarrassment I was. My friend found it awfully exhilarating and I couldn’t blame her for that. If you’re going to be stubborn, at least make sure you have the appropriate accessories.

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Posted on April 9th, 2014 by natela


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