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A Close Call

Having a distorted vision due to the rain drops scattered in front of me, scrutinizing each one makes me feel my lack of gratitude towards nature; indeed a creation of God. I could feel the butterflies moving in my stomach since the view I had ahead of me was one that no one would have desired to see. With an underlying coat of extreme darkness, I could barely see what was ahead; only visible to the naked eye were the bolts of lightning providing me sight for what lied ahead in store. Heart beats were dominant of all other functions done by the rest of the organs and I wanted to go as fast as I could. Lost in the panorama, I had forgotten the fact that I had taken the car keys without my dad’s consent.
Controlling your car in such a situation where the water present on the road made it impossible for the driver to apply the brakes at zero instances, the thrill of over speeding pre occupying his mind, was not at all an easy task and this had made me think that my dad was always wrong of not trusting me with his car. It is important to listen to your elders since they have an adequate experience of lessons that life provides, but it is not always true. The skills that I had possessed surpassed the phobia of over speeding that he had always tried to inflict upon me and my brothers.
The eyes had to squint for the spark that they were seeing. It was an image of dim lights, red in color, in front of me, which was hardly visible from a distance so far. Was it a flare? Did someone need my help? Had someone got himself a burst tire? Sadly, the answers would only be found once I reach the desired signal provided to me. A scene happening in the middle of the night, indeed beyond extra sensory perception, was just being witnessed by me. As I had approached closer and closer, the light began to grow. I could see it blinding me, covering the entire retina with its extensive and unstoppable shine. Abruptly, my heart started to beat at full pace. It felt as if it was caught off guard. My eyes were witnessing the final destination of destruction; which was indeed death getting more and more close to me. As I blinked my eye, I started to wish that this event becomes a dream, that time rewinds and I rest down in my mother’s lap which I had been doing a few hours ago. Even beyond my wildest imagination, the red sparks that were growing in size as I approached near, were not flares, were not any kind of signals but were the tail lights of an eighteen wheeler.
Gloom was where I found myself; I could hear others talking over but could not understand what they were actually trying to say. Trying to focus on the distorted image, I could relate the ongoing view with a lightened tube light fixed at the ceiling. It wasn’t this lucid when I was driving, the lights were red and weren’t they growing in size as I approached near? Was it really a dream? All questions were left unanswered until I saw a figure, rather an indistinct representation of a man’s physique, a man with his shoulders broadened, chest widened, and his face covered with the immense measure of discontent and restlessness. Fear began to strike my heart, as he came near to me. I had gained most of my senses back but was unable to move my hands not even an inch away from my current lying position. The stress relieved when his words sunk into my ear but it had brought me regret. “I know your leg hurts as much as my heart does. I know you deeply wish that time gets reversed and you rest in your mother’s lap while listening to my stories. But I had always told you, time will never be your friend. It will go wherever it wants to without asking you whether you want it to stay or not. That is why I always told you to listen to me and obey what I instructed you. The do’s and don’ts were not extracted from any book, son. They were all a result of the tests taken by an unforgiving and unmerciful examiner, who was life. Did you ever wonder why it is hard for me to walk? I got caught in a bike accident at the age of 14. Ever wondered why I tell you not to smoke? Why I still sneak out from home which makes your mother suspect me of having an affair with my secretary? I have bronchitis because I used to be a chain smoker before you were born and for that I have to meet my doctor daily so that I can follow the prescription. All you could have done was to listen to what I used to say about abstaining yourself from over speeding and driving after 12 am. I do want you to be smart, to not panic in time of an emergency, I don’t want you to feel inferior amongst others, but over speeding at such odd times will just provide you with miseries that leave nothing but regrets. Get well soon, son. I am here if you need me.”
What a fool I have made of myself of not trusting my dad with what he used to instruct me. “I am going to be a good son from now, Dad. I promise.” With these words said to myself, I closed my eyes in extreme regret.

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Posted on September 26th, 2012 by Rida


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