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Just be yourself!

I had just completed my first year in college. And trust me that one year has brought me such agonizing memories that I don’t even want to think about them. The reason for my saying this is that in that one year wherever I went whether it is ladies room, common room, library, lab, I heard whispers; whispers about my wearing outdated, out of fashion clothes.
At first I ignored them but soon I found myself listening to their whispers and thinking that there is definitely something wrong with me. And so, I began taking advices from my elder sister, a fashion phobic. It wasn’t late when I found myself listening to her advices like they were abstracts from divine scriptures. But I didn’t follow them. I was waiting for the perfect opportunity to show it to all the people of my university that I too could dress up.
I still remember it clearly that it was the day of my final speech of the Speech Communication course. The final speech made 40% of the grade. And because it was so important I decide it’s time to dress up. As fate had it, I woke up late for the day in the haste forgot to wear my undies. I took out a long, navy blue, silk skirt for the day and a white silk shirt I had borrowed from my sister, from the closet, hastily wore it and rushed to university.
The first reaction of people was as expected. Almost all my class mates told me that I look lovely and the dress is wonderful. I thanked them politely and waited patiently for my turn to deliver speech to come.
After waiting for half an hour, my turn finally came. I went to the rostrum but as soon as I turned back to insert the USB in to the computer for the slideshow, I heard laughter. And not just laughter, people were laughing really very hard. Their laughter freaked the hell out of me that something was wrong withy my skirt, maybe it was torn. I went silently back stage and touched my skirt from behind. It wasn’t torn. However, it was stuck in my ass line. I was instantly red with shame. Still trying to maintain my balance I went back to the stage. I saw my audiences’ faces where a hint of smile remained but now they were quite at least. Regaining my composure, I started my speech and considering how nervous I was thought-out the speech, it was an utter surprise I was able to complete it. I know I could have outdone myself in this speech for I had not only worked really hard for the day but also because I was one of the best speakers of the class. Comparing to what I could have done, I did disaster.
Never mind. I ended up with a B in the course. But this mistake made me learn a lesson that I will remember for life. A lesson of never wearing new or new style clothes on important occasions. Instead, a person must wear old cloths, the ones you will feel completely comfortable in. And a lesson to be yourself and to stop listening what others have to say about you for it is YOUR life, not theirs.

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Posted on September 30th, 2012 by Rida


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