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Religious Sinners

Whenever I am in the church, attending the regular mass, I used to pray and ask for forgiveness. Right inside the church, I got my sins back in my soul. It is because I used to see that people in the church. Those people from our village that used to be such religious people, but in reality they aren’t. I know that it is a sin to think badly about the people around you no matter what, most of all when you are inside the church.

I think and even said inside my mind how awful they were not thinking about what I am doing to them. Thinking badly about other people is a sin that you can never resist most of all when you are really mad to those people that you are seeing. I have learned that whenever you are in the church or even just in the street, always think before saying something about others. Better if you are going to pray for what you are feeling, most of all when you are angry. It will somehow release you from being in bad temper.

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Posted on April 14th, 2014 by euphri


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